Hotpoint WMD942G - 1400 Spin - Graphite Washing Machine

Hotpoint WMD942G - 1400 Spin - Graphite Washing Machine

Hotpoint WMD942GThe Hotpoint WMD942G comes in a sleek graphite colored finish, but impresses more with its array of washing and drying features. This washing machine is ideal for medium sized families who want to get help on their washing needs without using a lot of electricity. There are a lot of functions that users can choose from according to their washing requirements, like a quick wash option for lightly soiled items and reduced creasing that makes it easier to iron clothes.

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This washing machine has a length of 85 cm, a width of 59.5 cm and a 56.5 cm depth. Its slim width design makes it easier to be installed in any kitchen or household space. It is also highly rated in three categories- A+ for washing performance, A for energy efficiency and a respectable B for spin dry performance.

There are 16 washing programmes to choose from, so users can adapt to the wash load that they have. For instance, the wool wash function is specifically for woolen items, cleaning them effectively without damaging the clothes. There is also a half load function that cuts down energy consumption and works well for smaller load of washables.

The washing machine also uses minimal electricity, consuming about 1.36 kWh for every wash cycle. The machine can work on a maximum of 8 kilograms of washable, making it ideal for small and medium sized households. The spinner comes with a 1400 cycle.

The washing machine also boasts of a quick wash cycle that can finish the job in as short as 30 minutes. The variable wash temperature feature makes it easy for the machine to wash various fabric types. There is also a time remaining indicator that guides users . The start timer delay, on the other hand, means users have the option of starting the wash cycle at their preferred time. There should also be no worry on the noise levels as this washing machine emits 56 decibels while in operation.